We work in a number of broad research areas which represent fantastic potential for post-doc projects. There are a number of funding schemes available to facilitate both short-term and long-term post-docs in our group. These include:

Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award (3 year fellowship)

Endeavour Fellowships (6 month fellowships)

Marie Curie Fellowships (2 year incoming fellowships)

Fulbright Fellowships (10 month fellowships)

There are also several overseas fellowships that are designed to facilitate collaborative projects between institutions for researchers wishing to join the group from overseas (e.g., the US National Science Foundation, the Canadian NSERC program, Swedish Research Council, The Research Council of Norway, the Swiss National Science Foundation as well as several others).

If you are interested in undertaking a post-doc within the BEER group then please contact Geoff or Erik to discuss potential projects and opportunities further.