Lu submits

Two in a week! Equally massive congratulations to Lu Fitzpatrick for submitting her PhD. Lu’s PhD, supervised by Erik and Geoff in collaboration with Mats Olsson in Gothenburg, focused on examining the factors responsible for actual and cellular aging in Snow Skinks. To achieve this Lu took a highly integrative approach. She utilized our long-term longitudinal data set to explore how an individual’s key life history events – investment into growth and reproduction – impacted their cellular aging (e.g., telomere dynamics). She linked this with targeted experimental approaches to explore the potential mechanisms underpinning cellular aging. Finally, she examined aging more broadly – once again using our long-term data to explore patterns of actual and reproductive aging. Throughout, Lu explored how these patterns varied between climatic contexts. Combined this led to an outstanding thesis that will contribute significantly to our understanding of how organisms age. Three papers are already published with a final chapter currently in development. If you want to know more check out the BEER Group News page for updates on Lu’s previous papers or the new Telomeres and Senescence page for a summary. In the meantime, we wish Lu all the best for what we are sure will be a rewarding career!