Kirsty MacLeod joins the group.

We have a fantastic new addition to the BEER group – Dr Kirsty MacLeod. Kirsty joins us all the way from Scotland via a PhD at Cambridge and post-docs at Cambridge and Penn State. Kirsty is only here briefly this year on a Company of Biologists travelling fellowship to collect data on how maternal stress mediates offspring cognition. But she will be back in earnest next year as part a Marie Curie postdoc in collaboration with Geoff, Tobias and Tony Williams (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver) that will utilise the Egernia system to examine how the post-natal social environment influences the outcome of maternal stress effects. Despite Tasmania welcoming Kirsty with some Scottish weather, she has already put her considerable lizard catching skills to the test. We hope there this plenty more of that to come. Welcome Kirsty!!!