The RepDevo database is here!

Great news this week with the official release of the Reptile Development Database (RepDevo). This database represents a comprehensive dataset on the role of the early thermal environments (i.e., incubation temperatures) on phenotypic traits across reptiles. It contains nearly 10,000 estimates of trait means across a range of trait types, along with their associated error and sample size, from nearly 155 species. We hope that this provides an outstanding resource for researchers who want to address fundamental, global scale impacts of developmental environments on reptile phenotypes. The release of the data base corresponds with a data descriptor paper published this week in Scientific Data. Check out the paper below or head straight to the source at

Noble, D. W. A., Stenhouse, V., Riley, J. E., Warner, D. A., While, G.M., Du, W-G., Uller, T. and Schwanz, L E.. (2018) A comprehensive database of thermal developmental plasticity in reptiles. Scientific Data. 5:180138.