Not one, not two, but three papers on thermal developmental plasticity in reptiles!

Great week for the BEER group this week as we had three papers published on thermal developmental plasticity. These papers are part of a theme issue that is about to come out in the Journal of Experimental Zoology.  This issue, edited by Dan Warner, Wei-Gu Du and Arthur Georges, aims to provide a comprehensive overview of all aspects of thermal developmental plasticity in reptiles. Each of the papers that we were fortunate enough to contribute tackles a slightly different topic in this large and ever growing field. First Geoff, Dan Noble and colleagues review the state of the field, focusing on the huge amount of empirical work that has been collated as part of the, soon to be published, RepDevo Database. Second, Nathalie examines how gene expression profiles of embryos differ when exposed to cold and warm temperatures during development. Third, George and Lu, examine the fitness consequences of the phenotypic variation that emerges as a result of the thermal developmental environment. Overall this theme issue promises to make a substantial contribution to synthesising the current state of the field. We were honoured to be able to make a small contribution to this pursuit and hope that our research and that of our colleagues promotes a new wave of interest in exploring the multifaceted nature of thermal developmental plasticity and its ecological and evolutionary consequences. If you want a more detailed run down of the papers please check out the BEER group blog posts page. If you want to read the papers in full please click on the below links!

While, G.M., Noble, D.W.A., Uller, T., Warner, D.A., Riley, J.E., Du, W.G. and Schwanz, L.E. (in press) Patterns of developmental plasticity in response to the thermal incubation environment in reptilesJournal of Experimental Zoology, Part A.

Feiner, N., Rago, A., While, G.M. and Uller, T. (In press) Developmental plasticity in reptiles: Insights from temperature-dependent gene expression in wall lizardsJournal of Experimental Zoology, Part A.

Cunningham, G.D., Fitzpatrick, L.J., While, G.M. and Wapstra, E. (In press) Plastic rates of development and the effect of thermal extremes on offspring fitness in a cold-climate viviparous lizardJournal of Experimental Zoology, Part A.