Everything you wanted to know about ectothermic telomeres but were too afraid to ask…

Fantastic new paper by Erik just out in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. This paper, written in collaboration with Mats Olsson and Chris Friesen, provides a comprehensive synthesis of telomere dynamics across ectotherms. Importantly, this forms the basis of a range of research currently being carried out within the group with the aim of addressing some of the key areas suggested for future research (specifically links between telomere dynamics and life history traits). The paper is part of an exciting theme issue aimed at understanding the origins and diversity of telomere dynamics across organisms. For access to the paper see below. To get a broader understanding of telomere dynamics check out the theme issue here.

Olsson, M., Wapstra, E. and Friesen, C. (2018) Ectothermic telomers: it’s time they came in from the coldPhilosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. 373:20160449.